Information about Attractions & Transportation

Places you might like to visit:

Ierissos - Amouliani
Visit the 'port city' with its unique 3D cinema, the aquarium, the remains of the Persian king Xerxes canal, take the ferry to idyllic island Amouliani with its beautiful beaches and island atmosphere. Also, make sure you take a swim in the crystal clear waters of Athos.
Redina - Vrasna
Make sure you visit the ancient village in the mountains, the Diablo Trippa caves, climb up to the old German fort which offers stunning views out over the bay Strymon, guard the castle from the time RendinaVia Ignatia and enjoy the view of the small and large lakes, as well as the pilgrimage site of Agia Marina.
Ouranopolis - Athos
You can visit set of Ouranopolis, the bay of the Holy Mountain, the boundaries of the monastic state of Athos, join the boat cruises around the monastery, stop by in Ierissos and its Aquarium and discover the remnants of Xerxes Channel.
Olympiada - Staghira
Visit the birthplace of one of the greatest thinkers of antiquity - Aristotle, a park with a functional mock up of his invention, the reconstructed fort and finally, a dip in the romantic beach wich offers ideal conditions for scuba diving.
Alistrati - Drama
Discover the markets across the area, the modern city of Drama under its massive mountains, along with a visit to one of the most beautiful cave complex in the world, the Agitis Canyon. Don't miss the possibility of a stop at the statue of Ivo almost 2500 years old.
Kavala - Thassos
Enjoy the ancient town of Kavala with its romantic landmark harbour and its old castle, get a cruise ferry travels across to the island of mythical Sirens, visit the ancient agora and the amphitheater, get a taste of the delicious local food.